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The LinkExchange HTML code you need to insert into the pages(s) on your site is placed below. After you insert the LinkExchange HTML code into your Web pages(s) and make it live, a banner will automatically appear. You can insert the LE HTML code on your web page(s) automatically or manually.

Important Reminder:
If you are a LE Deluxe member, please make sure that your LE HTML code is inserted above the fold of your site before submitting your 468x60 banner GIF.

Automatically Insert the LE HTML Code (BETA)
If you are uncomfortable inserting the code manually, or if you have a lot of pages, we have put together some special software that will help you insert (all) the LE HTML code(s) on your web page(s) at once. We will guide you step by step through the process.

Manually Insert the LE HTML Code
Copy and paste the LinkExchange HTML code from here to each of your web pages. If you need help inserting the LE HTML code using your HTML editor, please check our HTML tutorials.


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